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Vaccine Fraud: Merck Scientists Approach Court

Nature Life News Reporter - 2017/06/09
Vaccine Fraud: Merck Scientists Approach Court

Vaccine Fraud: Merck Scientists Approach Court

Two scientists from Merck & Co have filed a case against the company alleging that the efficacy results of the MMR vaccine were faked. Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, two virologists, are the whistle blowers.

This federal case shows how medical research is falsified by pharmaceutical companies to attain desired results. It also questions the authenticity and validity of the so-called scientific facts. According to the lawsuit, the MMR vaccine was less effective than the reported 95% and this is a fact that Merck was aware of. The senior management, they say, was fully aware that the actual effectiveness of the vaccine was limited.

The two scientists, who had taken part in the first part of the research, alleged that in 1990, Merck conducted fake studies to reveal that the effectiveness of the vaccine is 95% to spike the sales. According to them, they were threatened with jail if they alerted the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, America) about the fraud being committed by the company.

This case is proof of the unholy alliance between criminal pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

Merck has been tricking the American people for the past decade. They were selling vaccines saying that they were 95% effective, when in fact they weren’t even close.

Being the nation that buys the most number of vaccines, America has become victim to Merck’s vast financial exploitation. But the real victims are the hundreds of thousands of American infants.

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