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The Caffeine-Rich Killer, Mountain Dew

Nature Life News Reporter - 2017/06/09
The Caffeine-Rich Killer, Mountain Dew

A 16-year-old collapsed in class and died after drinking a large bottle of Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is a cold beverage and is the product of Macdonald’s, the food provider of the rich.

Davis Allen Cripe of Spring Hill High School in South Carolina died of cardiac arrhythmia that was induced by an overdose of caffeine.He consumed the caffeine high-drink in a very short time, which brought on his death. The overdose of caffeine increased and caused an imbalance in his heartbeat. It also affected his brain functions. A detailed autopsy proved that Davis Allen did not suffer from any undiagnosed heart conditions and that he did not drink alcohol or use drugs.

Davis’s death startled the entire nation. “This was not an overdose. We lost Davis from a totally legal substance. Our purpose here today is to let people know, especially our young kids in school, that these drinks can be dangerous, and be very careful with how you use them, and how many you drink on a daily basis,” said the coroner, Gary Watts in a press conference.

Sean Cripe, Davis’s lamenting father, is of the same opinion, “Like all parents, we worry about our kids as they grow up. We worry about their safety, their health, especially once they start driving. But it wasn’t a car crash that took his life. Instead, it was an energy drink. Parents, please talk to your kids about the dangers of these energy drinks.”

There are so many people who believe that Macdonald’s, K.F.C. and Pizza Hut as symbols of economic development. And there are many others who believe that carbonated drinks are healthier than water.

It has been a year since Sujeevithamwrote about Red Bull. For years, Sujeevitham has been warning its readers about Johnson & Johnson products, maida, Vanaspati and toothpaste. One by one, time has proven them right.

Accompaniment to Death

Critics of naturopathy are plenty and they insist that chemical pesticides, allopathic medicines, Johnson & Johnson products, maida, Vanaspati, toothpaste etc. are scientifically proven to be harmless.

These are self-proclaimed rationalists and free-thinkers. A few months ago, a video of an allopathic doctor from this group, went viral in which he gives ‘scientific evidence’ to disprove the accusation that Johnson & Johnson baby oil is essentially kerosene in disguise, for 2 hours.

The doctor’s claims that this baby oil is equivalent to the petroleum jelly obtained from crude oil scared off the public, instead of reassuring them. Most of them discarded not only the baby oil in question, but petroleum jelly as well! Apparently, even those who believed that Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil was as pure as olive oil were shocked at the doctor’s claims!

Another ‘rationalist’, a college professor from Thiruvananthapuram, recently defended porotta and maida, claiming that they are good for health. May be the professor lost a lot of sleep because the reduced demand for porotta, after the multiple health warnings issued by naturopaths. The professor issued a cry for revolution in the likes of, “Workers of the world, devour porotta!” on YouTube.

Most people will stop using toothpaste for the next 10 lives if they see the see the efforts put into proving that it is safe.

They don’t care about this caffeine-induced death

These ‘rationalists’ don’t acknowledge (or they choose to overlook) this caffeine-induced death of a young man after drinking Mountain Dew. They will stand hand in hand with anything backed by big and powerful corporations. If only the tragic death of Davis Allen would open their eyes! If only it opened the eyes of those who believe that tea, coffee and cola are the drinks of the civilised!

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