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Murder by Fever

Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery - 2017/12/09
Murder by Fever

The number of people murdered by fever medicines has crossed 200. According to newspapers, TV channels, and the Ministry of Health, these deaths (of people who took allopathic medicines) were caused by mosquitoes, infection as a result of pollution, and the inadequate number of doctors.

Everyone seems to be celebrating these deaths caused by fever, adamant in their reluctance to see the truth. These ‘human mosquitoes’ are attracted by the large funding they receive and the hot news they can cover.

If the geniuses who claim that dengue fever is caused by mosquitoes that breed in accumulated waste had an ounce of common sense, they would have wondered how the same contagion is prevalent in the US.In that paradise of health too, where there is no open accumulation of waste and where mosquitoes fear to fly, dengue fever kills people. In 2007 alone, more than 2000 cases of dengue fever were reported. The mortality rate is lesser because these patients are not treated by doctors in India! (We can easily bring this rate up if we send 10 doctors from Kerala to America!)

Reports say that even Great Britain has seen a great increase in cases of dengue fever. Australia reported 2000 cases last year. These nations, which mete out punishments and fines for littering, and public spitting and urination, too see their share of this disease.

They blame tourists for their predicament. They know it is meaningless to blame mosquitoes for spreading dengue fever, since their windows offer a triple-layer protection and their very lives are ‘sanitised’ by killing off all kinds of pests with chemicals. So they can only blame tourists for being carriers of dengue.

But why then does India never blame the thousands of back-packing tourists that flow to all of its corners? No, we can’t risk losing the dollars (of various kinds) we stand to gain from it.

The Ministry of Health too is welcome to read medical texts.

Before parroting our allopathic doctors, it would be great if the Ministry of Health officials can read through any of the modern medical texts. Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, the most authoritative medical text, says that fever is the body’s natural defence mechanism and under no circumstances is it to be suppressed with medicines. For a dangerous fever, for which the body temperature exceeds 106 degree Fahrenheit, the books recommends for the patient to be immersed in cold water, with special care that the core temperature is not reduced. It also recommends an iced-water enema and a lot of water to drink. These are the three specific instructions the book gives for the treatment of fever. But our doctors don’t follow even one of these and happily and efficiently, send their patients to their deaths.

These doctors, who refuse to follow the instructions given in a modern medical text and treat their patients in an unscientific manner, must be prosecuted for homicide.

Real Treatments Must Unite

Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Naturopathy, which advise people to forego food and take enough rest when they have a fever, believe in harmless and efficient methods of cure.These branches of medicine must unite and work together to expose the dark truths behind the deaths caused by fever. Then, we can put an end to these deaths once and for all, right now. If these branches unite, then we can ensure victory for Hippocrates, who once said, “Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease.”

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